Get into the habit of dealing with God about everything. Unless you learn to open the door of your life completely and let God in from your first waking moment of each new day, you will be working on the wrong level throughout the day. But if you will swing the door of your life fully open and ‘pray to your Father who is in the secret place,’ every public thing in your life will be marked with the lasting imprint of the presence of God.
Oswald Chambers // My Utmost for His Highest.


Revelations along the way {5 days from departure}

I’m struggling, still. Every day is a battle to choose joy. I could get overwhelmed very easily. And I’ve been having to apologize to Jesus over and over for having a bad attitude about following Him.

But then today I was reading in the book of…

I had a glimpse of fall before I obediently headed into the hottest summer of my life. I returned from the heat, expecting spring, and got a month of winter that I’d been so disappointed to miss. I am preparing to head out to a sticky, blazing place, and I get an early autumn before I go. Not to mention the incredibly mild summer we’ve had.

The Lord is faithful and blesses those who follow Him.


Moment by moment, heartbreak by heartbreak, God is changing and molding you, equipping you to be the tool He will use to build His kingdom. He is filling you up, so that He might pour you out. It is never an easy thing to be poured out for Christ, often times it is with a call to die to self; but its glory will outshine all that we do here on earth.

To be used by God is to be chipped and bent, immersed in fire and hammered out on an anvil, it is the defining thing that will set a course for eternity; the call to holiness starts when we say “Send me.”

And when we are in the process of this change, our lips must be quick to praise, for we are being made into something wonderful by a God who is altogether good.

T.B. LaBerge // Go Now

In less than two weeks I’m leaving the country again and I’m so scared like so scared but I know God is so good I know he is going to give me family there I know he is going to comfort me and be with me through the whole thing I know I can do this I mean I did my DTS which was scary too and it was amazing so I don’t need to be scared of this but I am but I’m gonna be okay I am gonna be okay

Pray for me