I am learning.

I am learning that God brought me to a base full of joy-filled people. People who truly love God with all of their hearts, souls, minds, and strength. I am encouraged by nearly every person I encounter—just their presence is inspiring.

I am learning how deeply I appreciate Spirit-led worship, and am so thankful I came to learn about the subject at a place full of it. God is sought and loved and enthroned in lives, words, songs.

I am learning that it’s okay to be the one who needs translation. It is okay to be the one a step behind in conversation and a little bit lost most of the time. Things will get better and even if they don’t—it’s okay.

I am learning about grace.

I am learning to say yes when my roommates I can hardly communicate with ask if I want to go to the market. There is no value in seclusion or withdrawing or avoiding situations that may be rough. They are moments that take effort and in a way are therefore the greatest ones.

I am learning to stand on my own—or more, completely reliant on God. Even though I don’t feel at home in this place yet, it’s okay to pick a seat independent of where someone else is sitting and it’s fine to go back to the house after lunch by myself. I don’t have to be dependent on other people for things. I can be comfortable and confident in myself to do it on my own. Even though this place is unfamiliar. It’s okay to in a way not have people. I will learn about who I am myself.

I will learn about the One I then lean on.

I am learning.